Follow your dreams to the
Red Top Ranch

     learn to trickride at one the finest trickriding schools in the nation

          Whether for Fun and Adventure or Professional Career Preparation, if you are an aspiring Trickrider, then Follow Your Dreams to the Red Top Ranch. We have built a reputation for being one of the finest in-depth trickriding schools in the nation, which is revealed in the quality of the presentations given by many of our professional students. Trickriding itself is both mentally and physically tough, and requires a lot of DEDICATION and HARD WORK to develop the poise, grace, balance and style required to become a successful trickrider.

Trickriding School is an investment both in yourself and your competitive future. Red Top Ranch students not only learn trickriding techniques, presentation and career preparation, but they also gain valuable experience on correct usage and care of the equipment and horses. The kind of training we offer makes all the difference between a mediocre rider, and a polished professional trickrider.